The Westmorland Damson Association

Honorary President: Peter Cartmell  
Honorary Chairman: Oliver Barratt  
Honorary Vice Chairman: John Holmes 015395 68599
Treasurer: Peter Sheratt 015395 68000
Secretary: Helen Smith 015395 68698
Membership secretary Hilary Fitch 015395 68577

Other Commitee members
  Desmond Holmes  
  Anne Wilson  
  Bob Bradley  
  John Walker  
  John Hartley Trotter   
  John  Entwistle   

The Westmorland Damson Association was formed in April 1996 by a group of local people who wished to preserve the damson orchards in the old County of Westmorland, especially in and around the Lyth Valley.

Mission Statement

The Westmorland Damson Association seeks to enhance the economy and landscape of traditional damson growing areas in Cumbria by supporting the growing, picking and use of Westmorland damsons

The Aims of the Association:

  • to promote the regeneration, and the creation, of damson orchards through grant aid, education and advice regarding the growing and use of Westmorland damsons
  • to maintain information on all matters pertaining to damsons and make available to all
  • to provide forums for discussion, debate and education on damsons and damson related issues
  • to conserve the traditional landscape (including the unique damson blossom) and rich biodiversity of orchards
  • to create more sustainable communities through employment opportunities and increased tourism/visitor numbers

Any interested person may join as a full member of the Association, and will then receive at least three newsletters per year and have free entrance to events arranged by the Association. The membership fee is 7.00 per person per annum or 10.00 per couple per annum.

Please contact the WDA if you would like to become a member.

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